Head Sweat Band

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We manufacture the highest quality products that are technically designed to keep sweat and
sunscreen out of your eyes and off your glasses while training, working out, racing, or just working hard.

Our solution is three simple steps:

Step 1 – absorb sweat
Step 2 – evaporate moisture
Step 3 – upon saturation, redirect sweat away from your eyes.
Material: 100% Cotton; or Polyester or Caddice

Introducing The Head Sweat Bands !

This new marketing tool can go by different names sweat band,sweatbands,sweat block Head Sweat Band, or even head belt. The Head Sweat Bands is manufactured using the finest materials and our extremely high manufacturing standards that insure you the pencil is fluent for writing.
Your totally customized Head Sweat Bands of the color and printings. It’s small, yet is trustworthy for short writing. The Head Sweat Bands is ideal for promotional give-awyas.We can embroider any thing you want, a logo,an simple image, a cartoon.
Because we are the China exporter/ China manufacturer, we are able to offer real competitive price and can ship Head Sweat Bands worldwide.
The Head Sweat Bands is part of a family of innovative promotional products of Halsun , please visit the site and see how we can fit in your marketing needs.

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